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THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE ........ day of ……………….2010,

between  Mistress (Owner and Mistress),and

slave (slave and property):

First name:

Last name:

Date of birth:



Phone number:

ID (pasport):

WHEREAS the parties hereto desire to engage in an Owner/slave

Relationship for a period of at least one year,and

WHEREAS the parties desire to delineate thein dutin and responsibilities in said relationship as well as to džine the parameters of said relationship.



1.  To accept the claim of ownership over his physical body by Mistress.To become the property of the Mistress and that henceforth be commanded,trained and pinushed as a slave and be duty bound to fullfil the pleasures and desires of his Owner to the best of his abilities.

2.  To submit himself to his Owner fully and completely.To accept that his principle koncern,goal and purpose in life as a slave will be to enhance the quality of life of his Mistress.To perform any personal services,errands,sexual services and to accept any training,punishment,humiliation,degradation or other use demanded of him by his Owner.

3.  The slave oves the Mistress the sole and exklusive use of his body.This may include,but is not limited to,the lenit of his hair,shaving of his body hair,piercing,branding,tattoing,body weight and manner of dress and undress.The Owner may order any modification to the body of the slave as shee sees fit.The slave will not enter into any other agrément with any other person for the use of his body,to include sexual relations,without first obtaining permission from his Owner.

4.  The slave must make himself available to his Owner at all the times and to this and must ensure that he carries a telephopne with him all day,every day,that the telefone is available to recese calls and the telefone number is know to his Owner.

5.  If for any reason the slave learns that he may be unable to respond immediately to an order from his Owner (such as a business trip which takes the slave out reasonable travelling distance from his Owner),he must immediately seek the permission of his Owner by email.If he fails to do so,he will be considered to be in breach of this contract (see clause IV/5).

6.  The Owner may a tany time give,rent,lend or sell the slave to another Mistress without consulting or giving notice to the slave.The rights and privileges afforded by this contract will be automatically transferred to the new Owner.

7.  In order to ensure the slave´s compliance and obedience to his Owner,he will at all times be locked in a chastity device which he will not be able to remove.The slave should never expect the device to be removed even temporarily.On such occasions that i tis removed (for example,for the device to be cleaned),he will be restrained and will not be released from such restraints until the chastity device is once again locked in place.The slave may never ask to be released from the device.

8.  The Owner shall have komplete and absolute kontrol over the slave,(that mean body,soul,hearth,money),and all of her commands shall be swiftly and diligently obved.The slave will accept any and all consequences,as outlined under REMEDIAL ACTIONS,for any failures to do so.

9.  The slave may not ask for this contract to be amended or terminated,except on an anniversary of its signing.

10. This contract is made in good faith by both parties and shall be considered binding.

11. The slave gives the Mistress power to interpret this document as She sees fit.The slave gives the Mistress the autority to enforce the agreements made in this contract,using,if She feels necessary,physical punishment (see below).




1.   The Mistress has no obligations and dutin towards the slave whatsover.

2.   The Mistress will have ownership of slave´s body,to use and or abuse as She sees fit for whatever purposes She desires.



The slave agrees to submit himself completely to his Owner,to accept her domination of him and to unquestioningly and without exception obey any and all demands that She may make of him.The Owner has the following means of redress should She deem the slave to be in non-compliance with an order:

1.   Without limitation,the Owner may inflict upon the slave any punishment with whatever implements She wishes to use.The slave understands and consents that such punishments will include severe pain and suffering,including pain and suffering of a sexual nature.The duration of such punishments and the level of pain inflicted will be decided solely by the Owner.

2.   The slave has no right to protest his Owner´s decision in any matter,least of all his own punishment.He shall hold his Owner blameless for any physical or emotional damage She may inflict upon him and in signing this contract the slave consents,without exception,to any and all punishments,physical or otherwise,that the Owner chooses to inflict upon him.



In agreeging to submit to slavery,the slav eis making a genuine commitment to enhance the lifestyle of his Owner,who may come to rely on the slave´s services for a specific,predetermined,duration.

1.   This contract will be binding from the moment that it is signed by the slave and (subjekt to clause IV/5) will be valid for one year from date of signing.

2.    Subject to clause IV/5,on the anniversary of the signing of this contract the slave may request,in person,that the contract be terminated.This is the only day each year that the slave may request termination of the contract.If the slave does not make such a request,the contract will automatically renew for a period of one year.If the slave seeks to terminate the contract while engaged in one or more on-going projects for his Owner (such as web-design,translation,building work etc.) the contract will remain in effect until any and all outstanding work is completed to the satisfaction of the Owner.The Owner´s decision in such matters is final.

If the slave is unable to attend his Owner in person when seeking to terminate the contract,he may contact Mistress by telephone.Failure to request the termination of this contract with the Owner,ether in person or via telephone,on the anniversary of the signing will result in the contract renewing for 12 months.The slave shall hold blameless the Owner for any failure in communicating  with Her his desire to terminate his enslavement and must accept the new one-year period of slavery.

3.   If the Owner is unable or unwilling to keep the services of the slave,this contract may be ether terminated by Her without notice a tany time or transferred to another Mistress.

4.   Upon termination of this contract and completion o fany outstanding work in which the slave is involved,arrangement will be made for the removal of the chastity device and any other attachments which may have been placed on the slave during his slavery.Removal (including costs) o fany physical marks incurred during slavery,such as tattoos or brands,will be wholy the responsibility of the slave.

5.    If the slave attempts to break this contract (i.e. by stopping compliance with any of its terms or by refusing to accept the Mistress domination of him),the Mistress may use whatever means She deems necessary to enforce compliance,including but not limited to servis notice of the destruction of the keys to the slave´schastity device or other locks/shackles attached to the slave,or humiliation of the slave by publicly naming him and/or releasing incriminating photographs of him.The slave will be liable for and make good any financial losos that the Mistress claims to have incurred by his non-compliance and the slave will forfeit his right to cancel the contract at the next renewal date,this extending his slavery by a minimum of one year.


In fitness whereof,we affix our signatures the day and date first written above.


Special notice:This contract is valid as of ……………. 2010


I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety and I agree to henceforth adhere to and be bound by all of the rules and clauses contained herein,henceforth to relinquish my rights to self-determination and free will until such time as the contract is terminated by the Owner or by myself on an anniversary of the signing of this contract,subject to clause IV/5. I understand that I face exceptionally harsh physical and emotional punishment for failing to couly with any clause within this contract.



Date and signature of slave:___________________


                                       I AGREE/ENTER 







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